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I -have- spent my downtime trying to get better at this audio bit, and should have something to show for it in a few hours as I upload a creepier, darker track - hopefully it sounds more professional than my last piece of work. It's more suitable for suspenseful, creepier material, so if anyone wants to use it to such an end, just let me know. =)

Once more, with feeling.

2009-12-16 23:17:49 by shatteredskyes

I figured that getting some public feedback on my projects would do some good after finally gaining something resembling proficiency with FL, so I begin with the first mini-project I've undertaken in a while, a little trance ditty called Accel. It was put together in about an hour as a bit of a test for myself, and it hopefully didn't turn out too badly, despite some mastering errors and a bit of a repetitiveness issue with the track.

Please evaluate and critique honestly (keeping in mind that I am still a little new to this), and I hope it's enjoyable.